This is a communication from a debt collector.  Any information obtained from you through this Web site or by any other means can and will be used for collection purposes.  All calls to our firm may be monitored or recorded.

Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis, as well as our clients, understand that the reason you have not been able to keep up with your obligations were most likely caused by circumstances beyond your control.  Whether it was because of a medical condition, change in your financial situation, or other personal circumstance, our office realizes that you did not intend to default and our goal is to aid you in quickly resolving the matter.

We commend you for taking the first step and encourage you to contact Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis in order to settle your account or enter into a payment plan that will resolve the account as quickly as possible and put the matter behind you.

Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis's experienced trial attorneys litigate thousands of cases each year but we, like our clients, would rather settle your account quickly without the expense, time, and effort associated with protracted litigation. By contacting our office you can avoid the unnecessary consequences associated with litigation and the subsequent obtaining of a judgment by our client, which could include:

  • adversely affect your credit if a judgment is obtained
  • court appearances, depositions, and/or interrogatories
  • wage and bank garnishments subject to any exemptions
  • levies on personal and real property subject to any exemptions

Again, we commend you for taking the first step.  Please feel free to contact us using the information provided below to start the settlement process or if you have any questions.